About Us



💝 Hey girl, we’re ThinkShow and we deal in lashes that will blow your mind. There is no such thing as too much glam and anyone who tells you otherwise is a boring bologna sandwich. We take lashes seriously, so seriously in fact that we don’t go anywhere without them. Yes, we are that girl who puts on lashes before taking out the trash or taking our dog Coco out for an evening stroll. This may sound a little crazy to your every day, but trust me when I say there are millions of girls out there in the world who are just as crazy about lashes as us and we met some of your gorgeous girls, on our Instagram, Facebook and in your emails.  

💘 ThinkShow started in 2019 with the founder, me, Amy and a group of girls who just got tired of overpriced and poor performing lashes. I mean, I am a girl who wore lashes almost every day since the 11th grade. If there was anyone who was going to start the greatest lash company in the world it had to be us. The endless lash glue, trying the millionth lash brand just to find that perfect curl pattern that we were looking for, and just the mountain of lashes we have all been through. We have been through it all and know what good lashes look and feel like.

💕 ThinkShow is a brand by a group of girls, for a group girls who are just looking for a brand who is as serious about lashes as them. We’re industry eyelash experts at this point in our lives, certified by beauty school of hard knocks (ahem) failure. We tried every single bad lash out there and designed the hottest line of lashes so you don’t have too.


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