DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)
DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)
DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)
DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)
DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)
DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)
DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)
DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)
DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)

DIY Lash Bond & Sealant (White Bond)

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ThinkShow DIY salon-style lash extension alternative with gentle ingredients.

Prime with bond, lock in beauty by sealant. Bond has a tiny spiral brush head to help apply DIY Lash glue more evenly, and being as simple to use as mascara, with less fluid glue better viscosity, easy apply by brush through your natural lashes first; For sealant, clear gel texture can remove residue, keep clusters in place to make your beauty longer.

Enhance your lash look for up to 7 days with bond&sealant of DIY lashes extension. Perfect lashes tool you need to use and enhance your natural lashes without spending hours at expensive salons.



  • BOND- to prime & prep lashes, and SEALANT - to hold WISPS in place for all-day wear
  • Last up to 7 days with proper care!
  • Gentle formula, safe to sensitive skin
  • Bond Color: White; Sealant Color: Clear
  • Bond and sealant come 2 in 1.
  • NET WT 0.13 fl.oz/4ML x2
  • Shelf Life: 6-8 Months Unopened; 3 Months Opened



  1. Brush a light coat of "Bond" on your natural lashes (like you would mascara). Focus the adhesive from the base and up to 3/4 of your natural lash. Once applied, leave for 30-60 seconds for the adhesive to go tacky.
  2. Gently loosen and peel lashes from the tray using Applicator.
  3. Place the lashes underneath your natural lashes by lifting the lashes against the root of your lashes, using an up and out motion.
  4. Apply the "Seal" to cure the adhesive bond.
  5. Using Applicator clamp down the lashes to ensure they are fully bonded and secure.



  1. We recommend completing a patch test before using it. If you experience any reactions/sensitivity, please discontinue use.
  2. We recommend curling your natural lashes with Lash Curler before applying the Bond.
  3. We recommend not applying mascara before the bond for a more natural & seamless look.
  4. Please loosen the lash cluster as close to the root as possible before removing from the tray.
  5. If you have glue on the Applicator, make sure to clean this off in between lash applications.
  6. ONLY seal the lashes where you've applied the Bond, taking care to avoid the tips of the lashes.



(Bond) : Acrylic Resin, Aqua

(Sealant): Aqua, Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol/Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Octanol/Ethyl Ethyl Glycerol


Purchase Notice

We are not responsible for the misuse of our products.

Avoid getting into eyes. If contact occurs, wash eye immediately with lukewarm water for 10 minutes.

In order to facilitate repeated use, please clean the residual glue at the mouth of the bottle with wipes after each use.

Please keep out of reach of children and pet. Keep away from fire and direct sunlight.

Please note that DIY Lash bond and sealant may freeze if it is left at 0°C or below for a long time, and the adhesive will fail and cannot be used after it freezes. Please do not leave it in freezing temperature for a long time, and it is not recommended to buy eyelash glue in cities or areas where the outdoor temperature is below 0℃.

💗 How to Apply Your Lashes? 💗

1. Measure length of your natural lash line. Trim unnecessary lash to fit your eyes.
2. Apply a thin layer of adhesive along the band. Wait until the glue is tacky.
3. Start pressing lash gently from the outer corner of your eyes and place lash on the inner corner after.
False eyelashes from ThinkShow lashes give every look a special extra. The high-quality eyelashes are easy to stick on and can be reused many times.
Tip: use a dark eyeliner for a seamless transition. Gaps between natural eyelashes and false eyelashes are optically closed and the eyelashes appear more voluminous.

💗 How to Care Your Lashes? 💗

💋 -How many times can I use it? 💋
ThinkShow lashes are reusable up to 30 times with proper care.
💋 -How should I clean my eyelashes? 💋
To clean your lashes, lay them flat on a paper towel and use a q-tip with a bit of warm water and gently roll it over your lashes.
💋 -How should I keep them? 💋
Keep your lashes safe by storing them in their original tray or our lash box. By doing so, your lashes will be protected for any dust and bacteria, maintain it's shaped, and look fabulous for each wear!

Shipping Description Form

Shipping Country Order Amounts Cost Method In-Transit Time
Mainland of USA/CA/ Mainland of UK/Part 1 of EU/AU/NZ/IL/UAE/THA/JP  0~$20 $9.99 Standard 6~15 Business Days
$20~$98.99 $6.99 Standard 6~15 Business Days
0~$98.99 $20 Priority 3~5 Business Days
over $99 $0 Priority 3~5 Business Days
Part 2 of EU/AK, HI, PR of USA 0~$98.99 $20 Priority 5~7 Business Days
over $99 $0 Priority 5~7 Business Days
USA Remote Areas/ Latin America 0~$98.99 $30 Priority 5~7 Business Days
over $99 $0 Priority 5~7 Business Days


It is expected to take about normal delivery time to the mainland of US, with delays of 1 to 3 business days in remote areas. In case of COVID-19, peak season warehouse bursting port congestion and other conditions will be appropriately extended for 1-3 business days.
** Remote areas in the United States include: ASA American Samoa, Micronesia, Guam, MH MarshallIslands, Northern Marianas, Palau, United States Virgin Islands.
*** Part 1 of EU include: Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Austria, Latvia, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, Romania, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Switzerland.
**** Part 2 of EU include: Norway, Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Greenland, Guernsey, Iceland, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, San Marino, Serbia, Vatican City.
*If you choose the Priority Shipping method, please do not fill in the PO BOX address to avoid delivery failure.
**If you leave a zip code judged by FedEx or DHL as a remote address, we will ask you for additional delivery charges after checking, even if you are not charged for remote shipping at the time of payment. Your order will not be shipped properly until you pay the additional charges.

Order Processing

All orders take 2-4 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to process within our facility, this is our standard processing time for any orders placed during weekdays, however during promotions orders may take an additional time to process. (Part of the spot products can be shipped in the next business day; in case of failure to ship the items within the specified time, we will contact you by email and explain the situation, please be sure to check the email) For special events, if the buyer qualification needs to be verified, the shipping time varies according to the event rules.

Priority Shipping (3-5 Business Days not include process time): FedEx or DHL

Standard Shipping (6-15 Business Days not include process time): YunExpress, USPS, CIRRO, OnTrac, Fast Horse, PiggyShip, Royal Mail, Hermes, Canada Post, UniUni, DHL Paket, DHL Parcel, Correosexpress, Colissimo, IT Poste, BPOST, Colis Privé, Fastway, DPD, ITELLA, Matkahuolto, Postnord, POST Luxembourg, Helthjem, Citymail, Aramex, HFD, MTD, GLS, CTT, InPost, DAO, Slovak Parcel Service, Bring, Australia Post, PostAG, iMile, HR Parcel, GOFO Express, etc.

**Standard Shipping is automatically matched to the most appropriate courier company, can not be specified.

After your order is shipped, you can check it here by your tracking number.

Affected by Covid-19, there will be some delay on the delivery.


Duties, Taxes, Customs & Other Fees

UK, CA, EU orders may be subject to local import duties and taxes (VAT). You are responsible for checking with the shipping destination country as to their regulations regarding duties and taxes. You are also responsible for paying any import duties, taxes or other fees that may be applied.

ThinkShow is not be responsible for, nor can we offer, any specific advice regarding any customs-related fees that you may incur. For specific information, please consult with your local government import office.


If you have selected Priority Shipping (3-5 business days) and your shipping address or zip code is deemed remote by FedEx or DHL, you will be notified of the remote charge, even if you were not charged remote shipping at checkout. We will arrange for your shipment after you have paid the additional charges. The amount of the remote fee is different depending on the specific country or region, usually ranging from $10-$30. Normally, if we offer you the option to downgrade to Standard Shipping (6-15 business days) when we contact you, it means that standard shipping can be delivered to your address, if you are not offered this option, it means that standard shipping cannot deliver the package to your address.


If you have selected Standard Shipping (6-15 business days), but your shipping address or zip code is indicated as undeliverable in the standard shipping system, we will contact you to charge you a supplemental fee to upgrade to Priority Shipping (possibly incurring FedEx or DHL remote charges), even if you are not indicated as having a remote shipping address at checkout. The supplemental fee varies by country or region and usually ranges from $5-$30.


If your address or zip code is incomplete or incorrect or if you choose to change your address or zip code in transit, a redispatch fee will be incurred and we will ask you for that fee, usually after you pay the redispatch fee we will arrange for you to redeliver your package. The redispatch fee varies depending on the country or region, usually $5-$12.



Refunds due to Shipping and Transportation Issues

Please first confirm whether the delivery time of your order is still within the expected range. Sometimes the shipment is delayed due to too many orders, the flight and port congestion or COVID-19 may lead to too long transit time. Please contact us to confirm the details.

If the logistics information is not updated in more than 3 working days after shipped, please contact us in time. It may be that the logistics company has lost your package in the warehouse. We will contact the courier company to try to find your package and resend it. If the package cannot be found, we will arrange a replacement asap.

If the logistics information is interrupted during the transfer process, please contact us, we will try to inquire with the logistics company and urge the update, if it is determined that the package is lost, we will reissue it as soon as possible.

If the logistics shows that the package has been signed for, but you have not received the package, please first try to contact your family or neighbors to check whether it has been collected for you. If you do not receive it, please contact us within 7 days and we will confirm the status of the package with the logistics company. If need to provide any supporting documents, please cooperate actively. At the same time, please contact the local courier company to get help faster.

Please check our Refund Policy for details on refund requests due to shipping reasons, and the refund policy shall prevail.



*If you have more questions, you can try to inquire FAQs or Contact Us by E-mail

💓Why ThinkShow 3D Lashes?

  • 【Reusable】: ThinkShow lashes are reusable up to 30 times with proper care.
  • 【100% Cruelty-free】: We promise that we would never hurt animals. ThinkShow lashes are 100% cruelty-free. They are individually handmade by one of the finest lash production facilities in the world. For Real Mink Lashes, we only use naturally shed mink hair for the production of our lashes. They are made of the high-quality Siberian mink hair that is naturally shed during the shedding seasons. For Faux Mink Lashesmade from premium synthetic fibers, totally vegan 100%.
  • 【Natural Look】: ThinkShow lashes are all hand made, soft, shiny and tapered, just like natural lashes. Our mink hair lashes look and feel like your own lashes, making them the most natural-looking strip lashes out there.
  • 【Custom Sizing】: ThinkShow mink lashes come in one standard size and length so you can customize them and trim them to be the perfect fit for your eyes.
  • 【Safe for Sensitive Skin】: Our material is the finest quality Siberian mink hair that is washed and sterilized in accordance with strict European guidelines. No chemicals are used during the sanitation process of our lashes, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.
  • 【Perfect After-sales Service and Guarantee】: ThinkShow Lashes offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders. If your order does not exceed your highest expectations, we will refund the amount for all unused, unopened merchandise from your order addressed within 14 days after you receive the order.

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